Solar Viejo Reserva


Vintage classification: Very Good The fundamental characteristic of this vintage was the drought, which was experienced throughout the denomination, during Spring and Summer, producing very low fruit yields, and a great disparity in harvest date in those vineyards with irrigation, and those without.
The most important controls were those of monitoring the ripening process in order to select the optimum harvest date, whilst taking into account the benefit of having perfectly healthy fruit.

The end result was that we produced wines with optimum structure for ageing, and which were dominated by a ripe fruit character. Balanced in alcohol, acidity and polyphenols.

Tasting note

Solar Viejo Reserva is a perfect expression of the power and depth which a Rioja wine is capable of achieving.

A blend of Tempranillo and Graciano grapes aged for 12 months in French and American oak barrels and a long period of bottle ageing.

Intensely youthful cherry red, with little colour loss, due to the high tannin levels, and the meticulous winemaking process which was applied.

Delivering aromas of black fruit and stone fruit such as peach. There are also noticeable floral aromas of geranium and violet.
After a little swirling in the glass, the nose become more complex developing aromas of chocolate, coffee and spices.
The palate has good rounded structure, with marked tannins, resulting in a tasty, elegant wine, with a long finish.

Food pairing

Roast red meats, any type of game. Aged cheeses. Roast or baked fish.